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Many men struggle with recurrent or occasional issues related to erectile dysfunction and go on a quest for a remedy to fix erectile dysfunction that can help them naturally. But if you think you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then, first and foremost, you should get information about the causes and symptoms of this disease, because the way the treatment will work depends on several different factors, such as your lifestyle, age and the advanced stage of the erectile dysfunction itself.

What is erectile dysfunctionDiscussing this matter with your physician may seem unpleasant, and particularly with your partner. Due to this, many people rely on the internet to get info about the causes, symptoms and remedies for erectile dysfunction, in order to secretly get the information they need, without having to answer embarrassing questions posed by their doctors or partners.

Even though the internet is the perfect location to gather info about any issue that may be upsetting us, the truth is that many websites are not trustworthy and their only interest is to sell their products to the readers. But, worse than that, is the fact that there is a lot of erroneous information and many fake products for erectile dysfunction are available to be purchased online and these, in addition to being ineffective, are potentially dangerous, even deadly.

However, our staff’s goal is to properly inform you, relying on a language that is easily understandable, recommending you the best remedies and supplements for erectile dysfunction available on the market, which are efficient, safe and, above all, original and manufactured in accordance with the international security standards. Keep reading and you will not regret it.

What is erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain, during the time needed, an erection sufficiently steady to accomplish penetration and consummate the sexual act. This situation may be very difficult for a man to cope with, since it is a source of embarrassment and insecurity before his sexual partner, particularly in a recent relationship.

Besides having to cope with this situation in front of their sexual partners, men also fear that women may end up disclosing their issues to other people, with their friends becoming aware of the problem. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction then, that, by itself, is quite stressful, but it becomes unbearable if you end up confronted or humiliated by others. For this reason, many men go after a remedy to fix erectile dysfunction online in order to fight this terrible idea.

Fortunately, for men who suffer from this condition, there are several remedies, treatments and therapies that they can use to avoid having this issue permanently. And the good news is that some of those are 100% natural and free from side effects, like those caused by the famous blue pill.

The causes of erectile dysfunction

Among the most common causes of erectile dysfunction, we may find the following:

The causes of erectile dysfunction*_Certain drugs – particularly medication for depression, anxiolytics and sleeping pills.

* Chronic conditions such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis that hinder the blood flow and make an erection difficult to obtain.

* Excessive alcohol consumption, which interferes with our brain perception of sexual stimuli.

* Obesity which, among many other issues, can create fat plaques in the walls of blood vessels, hindering or even stopping the blood flow required to stay hard.

* Chronic stress – a man who is constantly stressed due to personal, professionals or affective reasons struggles to properly focus in order to obtain satisfactory intercourse.

Best remedies for erectile dysfunction

Like many other diseases, there is more than one possible treatment to cure or control the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. For men who want to avoid the use of strong medications, which often cause other equally serious issues, the cure for erectile dysfunction can be based on some changes in your lifestyle and diet, such as cutting the consumption of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, stopping certain medications, sleep well and long enough to avoid stress, and take some herbs known for their aphrodisiac and vasodilating properties or, preferably, taking a natural remedy that has a mixture of those same herbs, already mixed in the correct ratio, ensuring its effectiveness with causing dangerous side effects.

Among the lifestyle changes advised for erectile dysfunction, we stress the following:

* Regular exercise, because regular, moderate exercise can improve health as a whole, strongly favoring erections that would make the penis hard enough to satisfactorily fulfill the sexual act. And it can be as simple as walking on a daily basis, parking the car a few blocks away from your workplace, or stopping two stations earlier and doing the remaining part of the journey on foot.

* Have a healthier diet, cutting animal fat, particularly fatty red meat, and increase the consumption of greens. Eliminate processed foods (precooked) and substantially reduce everything that is “fast food”.

* Reduce the stress levels, stopping to worry about many things that are superficial and for which there is no solution, adopt a more tolerant stance in relation to your coworkers, family and people in general, and trying to sleep well and long enough without having to rely on chemicals.

* Continue to practice sexual activities, even if they only lead to a partial erection. Continuing to stimulate the entry of blood into the penis may be helpful to improve the erectile dysfunction issue in the long term.

Among the herbs and natural ingredients to fight erectile dysfunction, we highlight the following:

* L-Arginine, an amino acid that is part of most supplements to tackle erectile dysfunction, one that helps the dilation of the veins and increases the levels of nitric oxide, two essential elements to have a rock-solid penis.

* Zinc, which is essential to the sexual activity as a whole, from the erection to sperm production.

* Watermelon, which stimulates erections and the blood flow.

* Horny Goat Weed (epimedium) – a Chinese herb has been used to reduce the causes associated with several sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction.

* Ginkgo Biloba – another herb that has been used, for hundreds of years, as a remedy for erectile dysfunction, since it stimulates the entry of blood into the penis and the brain. It is also helpful to control the anxiety often associated with a psychological sexual dysfunction.

Ginseng*_Ginseng – both the Chinese (Panax Ginseng) and the Korean (Red Ginseng) herbs are effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, though the Korean Red Ginseng is the most efficient. Although we do not know exactly how it acts in man, the fact that is helpful for men with erection-related issues has been properly proven. The theory is that it stimulates the hormones responsible for erections like testosterone and DHEA.

* Yohimbine is also recognized as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, but since its effects are so strong that they can cause hallucinations, convulsions and even death, it was banned from supplements by the authorities, for security reasons. However, it continues to be used in many medicines made in Asia, which makes them potentially very dangerous. We do not recommend remedies for erectile dysfunction which have Yohimbine in their properties.

* Muira Puama Muira – this herb is widely used in South America as a remedy for erectile dysfunction due to its aphrodisiac capabilities. It is considered by many as one of the best herbs to fight the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

* Tongkat Ali – This is yet another Chinese herb that has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. This herb has aphrodisiac properties in both men and women.

Supplements for erectile dysfunction

Supplements for erectile dysfunctionEven_though all these herbs and other ingredients are effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the truth is that almost all of them are poisonous or may cause strong effects when taken in high doses or without control.

There is also the possibility of interactions between them, enhancing the power of each one, which, in certain dosages, can be very beneficial but, at higher doses, can be extremely dangerous. Natural is not the equivalent of 100% safe!

For this reason, we strongly advise you not to avoid self-medicate yourself, by using one or more of the herbs and ingredients aforementioned. Taken them in an uncontrolled way will reduce their effect at the very least and can cause serious side effects at most.

The solution is to choose a supplement composed by some of these ingredients, already prepared to be taken in the form of pills or capsules to maximize its effect without harmful effects.

By clicking on the link found below on this page, we give you a list of the best remedies for erectile dysfunction, which you can choose knowing that they are safe and efficient. And you can order them directly, following the respective links to the sales page, because they can only be ordered online. Do it and take care of your sexual health in safety!

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